The Creator wanted to give the people a system, a framework of government to give them strength and order, so he gave them a O-do-i-daym-i-wan’ (clan system), each having a function to serve the people. There were seven original clans:

THE CRANE AND LOON CLANS were given the power of chieftainship. With their natural qualities and abilities in leadership they work together and give the people a balanced government, each serving as a check on the other.

THE FISH CLAN, sometimes referred to as the Water Clan, was made up of the intellectuals of the people. Sometimes called stargazers, they were known for their constant pursuit of meditation and philosophy. This clan was effective at solving disputes between the two chief clans.

THE BEAR CLAN, the police force of the people, patrolled the outskirts of the village and warded off unwelcome visitors. They were recognized for their knowledge of plants whose roots, bark and leaves could be used to treat ailments of their people.

THE MARTEN CLAN, serving as a warrior clan to protect the people, provided the force to protect the village. They were master strategists in planning the defense of their people.

THE DEER CLAN was the gentle clan of the people. They were pacifists and poets, and never used harsh words of any kind.

THE BIRD CLAN is the final clan representing spiritual leaders of the people. Its members are noted for their intuition and sense of knowledge of what the future will bring. This clan has characteristics of an eagle in that they pursue higher elevations of the mind, just as the eagle pursues higher elevations of the sky.