1690s - The Chippewa people migrated from Lake Superior into the Lake Simcoe region.

1780-1820 - Chief Joseph Snake and his band occupied the land around the southern and southwestern part of Lake Simcoe.

1830 - Chief Joseph Snake, Chief William Yellowhead, Chief John Assance and their bands formed one large reserve in the Narrows in Orillia.

1839 - The Narrows Reservation was almost completely deserted.

1840-1842 - Chief Joseph Snake returned to Snake Island on Lake Simcoe.

1861 - Families moved from Snake Island to Georgina Island.

1870s - Most of the band was now located on Georgina Island.

Today 179 members of 618 band members permanently reside on the island. Management is governed by an elected band council, consisting of one chief and four councillors. There is an administration building, the health centre, a police station, a fire hall and a community center. As well, the island children attend a two-classroom school until Grade 5, and there is a daycare for infants and toddlers. A church, the community center and an outdoor rink provide opportunities for the community to gather for various events.