Nanabush Trails are the pride of Georgina Island First Nation, which is located on the southeastern tip of Lake Simcoe - only an hour’s drive north of Toronto. Accessible only by the Aazhaawe ferry, you will float across the most tranquil section of Lake Simcoe to beautiful Georgina Island First Nation. Leave your vehicle and your cares on the mainland as you enjoy the peaceful 15-minute journey. You will feel your heartbeat slow as you begin to relax and notice that you are no longer a prisoner of the fast pace of the city.

Once you arrive on the island you will walk a short 400 metres from the ferry landing. The trails have been cut through the beautiful forests of Georgina Island First Nation as part of the community’s forest management strategy and have been developed to assist the community in teaching today’s generation of the traditions and historic activities of this Chippewa community.

THE TRAILS have been broken down into four sections, colour coded to match the colours of the medicine wheel, and named to reflect the four sacred offerings of Mother Earth. Each trail offers different lessons to be learned and a unique opportunity to view plants and animals along the way.

As we are a small and unique community, we need to ensure that tourists do not enter residential areas.  Please remember to bring your cell phone as the trails are unsupervised and do not walk the trails at night.  It is always good to let someone else know your plans for the day.

During the summer months, you should wear protective bug gear to allow you to walk without worry of insect bites and bring insect repellant. Also, feel free to pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in our new picnic area complete with real teepees.